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Opening 10 June 2011 7–11 pm ... Exhibition "RaumWelten" (Worlds of Space) with Peter Franck and Josh von Staudach ... in the Gallery "Schacher – Raum für Kunst"

For those who know her, the first associations in connection with the name Susanne Wegner are probably her impressive pictures of landscapes that Andreas Langen once very abtly described as "superb compositions" that never give the impression of being romanticized. Her architectural photography, which is represented in the exhibition by three works of art, can be characterized in a similar way.

The large picture displayed on the room’s interior wall is particularly impressive. It seems to open the view to a bright stage area that extends to a great depth. Not only due to its format, also the simple and pure forms as well as the smooth bluish light make the whole complex appear monumental. Even the sidewalls with their rectangular structure—maybe referring to the Liederhalle not without intent—contribute to the solemn and still appearance of this building.

Similarly, one of the two triptychs appears as lofty and mystical, corresponding with the large panel in form and color. Niches in the walls and floor generate associations of archeological excavations, creating the feeling of being in an Egyptian funeral chamber or in a medieval church, from whose niches the sculptures have disappeared over the past centuries. The arrangement of the three pictures forming a triptych reinforces this sacred impression.

Even though the viewer is somehow aware of the circumstance, that both cases show snapshots in a construction site situation, the aesthetics of these pictures and the feeling of transcendence they produce counteract this rational cognition. Therefore, Susanne Wegner puts into effect spatial irritation not on the visual-playful level but on the mental-emotional level instead.

In an almost contrasting manner the second triptych in this exhibition enforces this impression. It also represents a kind of tunnel situation. However, the atmosphere is utterly different. Pale daylight infiltrates a damp moss-covered concrete structure via roof lights, spreading a feeling of desolation with its gloom, recalling pictures of a former Chernobyl supply tunnel or a corridor to be found in an abandoned space station. The picture implies that a catastrophe has swept over this place, a catastrophe whose trigger and course remain unfathomable to the viewer.

(Text: Winfried Stürzl M.A.)
(Translation: Katrin Steglich)

Duration: 11 June - 09 July 2011
Opening hours: Tue–Fr 2 pm – 7 pm, Sa 11 am – 4 pm

Venue: Galerienhaus, Breitscheidstr. 48, 70176 Stuttgart