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Vernissage 09 June 2011 from 7:30 pm – Exhibition in the "Haus der Wirtschaft": "Licht_Bild_Welt_ Stuttgart 2011" (Photo_World_ Stuttgart 2011), presented by the "BFF Bund Freischaffender Foto-Designer" (Association of freelance photo designers)

Susanne Wegner: Landscapes

In times of ecological enlightenment pictures showing romantic landscapes provoke a strong notion of kitsch. Nevertheless, Stuttgart photographer Susanne Wegner is able to celebrate rough countryside landscapes in superb compositions without romanticizing them.

Instead of rose-colored glasses she looks through moorbrownlichengreen glasses. With the artistic freedom of a painter she uses the options supplied by digital picture editing: Colours, contrasts, saturation, darknesses. What emerges are high-precision though not documentary images that are located on the threshold of imagination and reproduction.

In the end it is the playfulness between concept and the remnants of reality that produce these contemporary landscapes. Because, when looking closely, there are practically no landscapes left on earth that don’t show spoors left by Homo sapiens. Our fingerprints are everywhere. This finding is almost as sombre as the atmosphere in Susanne Wegner’s pictures.

(Text: Andreas Langen)
(Translation: Katrin Steglich)

Venue: Stuttgart, Haus der Wirtschaft
Vernissage & award presentation ceremony: "Die Nacht der Bilder"
Thursday, 09 June 2011, 19:30 pm
Duration: 10 June - 09 July 2011

Opening hours: Mo–Sa 11 am – 7 pm, Thu 11 am – 8 pm
(closed on Sundays and public holidays)

An exhibition of the "BFF Bund Freischaffender Foto-Designer" /
(Association of freelance photo designers)